Hello, my name is Emma, I am 18 years old living in Las Vegas Nevada. I am living with a medical condition called Turners Syndrome. For those of you who do not know what Turners Syndrome is, its a chromosomal disorder found in only girls and it affects the X chromosomes in females, to read more about it click here https://www.turnersyndrome.org/about-turnersyndrome It has not been an easy road, My parents found out while my Mom was pregnant with me. When I was born the doctors originally thought I had trisomy 18, which is worse than Turners Syndrome. I have had a lot of doctors and still do have a lot of Doctors. The appointments have been hard for me and my parents. I also have Bicuspid Aortic Stenosis which required surgery when I was two and a half and have gone to many cardiologist appointments and they are not easy at all. The anxiety, the nervousness, the anticipation its hard to overcome but I have to be strong. I wanted to start this blog because I want to share my story and hopefully help other girls dealing with the same thing. Thanks and I hope you enjoy my blog.

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