Hi everyone it’s Emma! Welcome back! Today’s topic will be about school and how school was for me. To start, I went to a Catholic school from kindergarten to fourth grade until my parents found out I have some learning disabilities. I went to public school from fifth grade to eighth grade. Then I went back to a Catholic high school. I struggled with school a lot. I had a very hard time in middle school and went through a very rough period with my peers and knew some not nice people with a lot of stupid middle school drama. I just hated school because of my peers and the fact that I was in a lower math class than all my friends in middle school. I thought I was stupid because I could not understand basic algebra and needed a lot of help. I thought if people knew I was in that math class they would make fun of me and I would be judged. Then high school came around and I was able to attend the one I wanted to go to, which made me excited. That was even harder because it was a college-prep high school. I had a very tough time, I had to take summer school every other summer for Spanish but despite all of that I graduated high school in 2019 and I am a freshman in college and looking forward to becoming a Nurse. Even though I faced all these struggles, I was still able to do the thing that no one thought I could do, and that was graduate from a college-prep Catholic high school. If I can succeed through these difficulties, I know you can too. Thanks, everyone for reading and come back on Wednesday for a new blog!

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