My heart condition

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today’s blog will be about my heart condition. To start I have bicuspid Aortic stenosis. That means that my aorta was not opening and closing properly so when I was 2 1/2 they went in surgically to repair it and they took my pulmonary valve and placed it where my aorta was and I now have a cadaver pulmonary valve. I have been going to a cardiologist my whole life and I have had many EKGS and echocardiograms and when I was younger I used to love the EKG because of the stickers. up until I was 16 I used to be ashamed of my heart condition but then I went to Camp Del Corazon and it changed my life in the best way possible! I have met so many amazing people who knew what I was going through and I still keep in touch with some people from camp and I can become a counselor very soon and am so excited.

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