Life update 07/30/2020

Hi everyone welcome back to another blog we are back with a small life update! I FINALLY HAVE MY DRIVERS LICENSE and have been driving everywhere! I was in California to visit and keep my grandma and aunt company. I Saw my baby cousins and meet up with an old friend! I finished one of my 2 summer classes and I got a High B I could have done better but it’s still a good grade for me! My other class finishes on the 9th of August and I’m at @ 95 so I’ll keep you updated on that! My work is still not open and they do not have a date to reopen so I have just been working on school. That’s about it 😊

I hope everyone is staying well and I am going to start posting on here more ! I would love you here any blog post suggestions you have! Dm me on insta @ life.with.turners or leave it in the comments 😊

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