Hi everyone! I am so sorry I have not posted in a while! I look forward to getting back on track soon! I have just been busy with summer classes and other things going on in my life!

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A year ago today…

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog! One year ago today I celebrated my biggest accomplishment so far… graduating high school. High school was very fun but difficult at times, with friends and the workload from all different teachers but I did it, My heart goes out to all classes of 2020, as they do not get to have grad week activities and walk the stage at graduation they were truly the best times of my life so far, I hope one day you get to celebrate with your fellow classmates and have fun and celebrate your accomplishments.

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Quarantine Craziness

Hello everyone! So I finished my spring semester at my college and i think I did pretty good I got an 84 in my english class and im not sure about my math class. I start summer classes on June 1st so for now I have been pretty much been dying of boredom just like the rest of America so please if you have any recommendations on what to do please leave in the comments or DM me on instagram!

In all seriousness I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during this pandemic

TV shows

Hello and welcome back to another blog! todays blog is going to be about my favorite tv shows. To start off my all time favorite is Grey’s anatomy, I have watched every season about 4 times. Some more of my favorite tv shows include outer banks, friends, A million little things, little fires everywhere, 13 reasons why and many more. I would love to watch more shows! if anyone has any recommendations, I have Hulu, Netflix, Disney plus and Apple Tv please let me know any good shows!

Hope everyone is staying safe! and remember to be a butterfly!

learning something new!

Hello everyone todays blog is going to be about learning something new, so growing up I never understood why I cant take growth hormone and low dose estrogen together, recently I have been researching TS for my english research paper and I came upon this article about a study done about growth hormone and low dose estrogen and now understand why I cannot take them together!

have any of you had an experience like this? let me know in the comments!

Finding cloths that fit

Hi everyone hope all is well and that the weekend was good! growing up finding cloths that fit has always been a struggle. The pants would be too long, shirts would never fit right. It was not until high school that I found a clothing store that fit me well!

I hope all is well and staying sane in this quarantine. Feel free to always reach out about anything!


Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog! Today’s blog is going to be talking about infertility. Now I’m only 19 so I still have a few years to think about it but I just kind of wanted to see what’s some people’s experience with infertility is if they are willing to share a little bit. I have thought about maybe freezing my eggs but I’m not sure if I have my to be frozen or if it would work.

Hope all is well and never forget to be a butterfly 🦋


Hi everyone and welcome back to another blog! todays blog is going to be about sports. My favorite sports are football, hockey and baseball

my favorite football team is the LA Rams, My favorite baseball team is the LA Dodgers and my favorite hockey team is the Vegas Golden knights.

Thanks for reading my blog! leave in the comments if you like sports and what your favorite sports team is!