Finding cloths that fit

Hi everyone hope all is well and that the weekend was good! growing up finding cloths that fit has always been a struggle. The pants would be too long, shirts would never fit right. It was not until high school that I found a clothing store that fit me well!

I hope all is well and staying sane in this quarantine. Feel free to always reach out about anything!


Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog! Today’s blog is going to be talking about infertility. Now I’m only 19 so I still have a few years to think about it but I just kind of wanted to see what’s some people’s experience with infertility is if they are willing to share a little bit. I have thought about maybe freezing my eggs but I’m not sure if I have my to be frozen or if it would work.

Hope all is well and never forget to be a butterfly 🦋


Hi everyone and welcome back to another blog! todays blog is going to be about sports. My favorite sports are football, hockey and baseball

my favorite football team is the LA Rams, My favorite baseball team is the LA Dodgers and my favorite hockey team is the Vegas Golden knights.

Thanks for reading my blog! leave in the comments if you like sports and what your favorite sports team is!


Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! todays blog is going to be about tattoos. I have wanted a tattoo for many months. I want 2 butterflies close together with a purple ribbon for Turners and one with a red ribbon for my heart defect! I hope you all enjoy and do not forget to follow my instagram @ life.with.turners.

Leave in the comments if you have tattoos!

school and career

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog! todays blog is going to be about school and my career! I am still kind of deciding what type of nurse I want to be, but so far I am thinking about pediatric or an ER nurse. My backup plans consist of phlebotomy or a surgical tech! So as far as schooling I need to take more classes like Anatomy and Biology and things like that! Thank you so much for reading and do not forget to follow my Instagram @life.with.turners.



Hello and welcome back to another blog! as most of you know most of the US is on lockdown and it has been so boring! my work is closed and school is online and I only leave my house for necessary things . My mom and I have been crafting alot! i hope everyone is staying safe and look out for pictures of what my mom and I have made on my instagram @life.with.turners!



Hello everyone! todays blog is about spring cleaning and what I am doing for my spring cleaning…

Im sure we all know whats going on in the world right now with this COVID-19 virus and how we are social distancing and in quarantine. I personally have been taking this time to clean up and organize my life. Some things I have been doing to spring clean is I have gone through my closet and dresser to see what cloths I can give away to goodwill. I have also gone through my whole room and got rid of stuff I do not need or really use any more! these are just some of the things I am doing for spring cleaning! Leave in the comments what you are doing to spring clean!!

What inspires me most

Hello everyone todays blog is going to be a short list of what inspires me most

  • My family.
  • closest friends
  • My Nana
  • All of my blog post supporters

These are just a few of the things that inspire me most! feel free to leave in the comments or direct message me on my instagram @life.with.turners with what inspires you most. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe with the COVID-19 virus going around!

Going through something

Hi guys today’s been a rough day with Turners syndrome… In my opinion I like to think that I handle my condition well and as far as accepting it and dealing with everything that comes with Turners. I really would love to meet someone who has Turners that are my age or older just to talk and relate on some things that we go through and how they have embraced their condition. It is very hard for me to tell other people I have just met about my condition because I’m afraid of being judged and I want to change that. If anyone can give me any advice on how to open up to people about it feel free to dm me or comment down below. I will get through this and thank you for reading.