Hormone treatment

Today we will be talking about my personal experience with hormone treatment. It started with growth hormone injections which I HATED, getting shots was the worst but when I was about 8 years old insurance stopped paying for it and we could not afford it anymore so I am stuck at 5″2. When I was 17 I finally started estrogen treatment and that has been going good so far I am still on a very small dose so nothing much is really happening to my body which is okay but I wish I had a little improvement but I am being patient and just celebrating the little things like the fact that I am on Estrogen. The Doctor did not want to me start estrogen because she wanted to keep me off of it for as long as I can so that I can grow taller but I had enough of the waiting so my mom and I told the Doctor to put me on it and that I was happy with how tall I was becausebI am taller than the average Turners Syndrome girl and that was enough for me to be happy… remember that self love is the most important and that you are a miracle and to never give up!

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