Hi everyone and welcome back to another blog! I just want to wish everyone happy holidays! I’m so excited for Christmas and to spend time with my family! Leave in the comments what some of your holiday traditions are! Lastly,Did anyone see the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter? I know you could see it in parts of California and Nevada and it was really cool!

I hope everyone is staying safe! and I am hoping to get back on a schedule for blog posts!

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone! Today’s blog is an update about me! First off my birthday is in a couple of weeks and I’m going to be 20!! Next semester I will be starting CNA (nursing assistant) program at school and will keep you updated on that! I would love to know what my followers have been up to! Dm me or leave a comment with what you have been up to and if you have any blog post suggestions 😊

Hope all is well! Looking to start posting more soon!

Quarantine hobbies

HI everyone and welcome back to another blog! today is going to be some new things I have learned while in quarantine! to start I have started cooking! My mom is a very good cook and she has been taking the time to teach me how to cook! so far I can make Lasagna, Chicken Alfredo, meatloaf and more! stay tuned for a youtube video on one of these meals!

Another hobby that I have taken up is reading the twilight series with my little sister! so far I am only at the beginning of chapter 5 but so excited to read the rest of it!

Thank you so much for reading and always remember to DM me with any blog post suggestions!! have a great day!

Life update 07/30/2020

Hi everyone welcome back to another blog we are back with a small life update! I FINALLY HAVE MY DRIVERS LICENSE and have been driving everywhere! I was in California to visit and keep my grandma and aunt company. I Saw my baby cousins and meet up with an old friend! I finished one of my 2 summer classes and I got a High B I could have done better but it’s still a good grade for me! My other class finishes on the 9th of August and I’m at @ 95 so I’ll keep you updated on that! My work is still not open and they do not have a date to reopen so I have just been working on school. That’s about it 😊

I hope everyone is staying well and I am going to start posting on here more ! I would love you here any blog post suggestions you have! Dm me on insta @ life.with.turners or leave it in the comments 😊

17 years

Hi everyone and welcome back to another blog! Today is a day to celebrate! Today marks 17 years since I had open heart surgery at Children’s hospital LA. The doctor said it would be 5-10 years that the valve replacement would last. It’s been 17! What a miracle 🥰

I hope everyone is staying well and remember that we are miracles ❤️

Cardiology appointment

Hi everyone I thought I would come on here and share a little update! I haven’t a cardiology appointment and since I moved to Vegas and I have been needing to find a new cardiologist, well I finally found one and had an appointment today, it went really well the Doc was super nice and friendly and he knows all my old cardiologist going back to my very first cardiologist. He said my heart looks great and everything is working the way it should! It will be 17 years since I had surgery to fix my valve on July 17th 2003!

I hope everyone is doing well! feel free to message @life.with.turners with any future blog topics!