Going through something

Hi guys today’s been a rough day with Turners syndrome… In my opinion I like to think that I handle my condition well and as far as accepting it and dealing with everything that comes with Turners. I really would love to meet someone who has Turners that are my age or older just to talk and relate on some things that we go through and how they have embraced their condition. It is very hard for me to tell other people I have just met about my condition because I’m afraid of being judged and I want to change that. If anyone can give me any advice on how to open up to people about it feel free to dm me or comment down below. I will get through this and thank you for reading.

One thought on “Going through something

  1. I know that for me, being blind, I enjoy connecting with other blind people, and people with disabilities in general. Unlike Turner syndrome that’s one specific condition, there are several conditions that cause complete blindness from birth, and mine (retinopathy of prematurity) is just one of them. I have 2 blog posts about it; my blog is at chademusician.wordpress.com. Hope you’ll give yourself an opportunity to read them.

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